Lamb & Veal

Niman Ranch All Natural Lamb

 All Niman Ranch lamb are raised on pasture and then fed a high quality grain and roughage diet or graze on alfalfa for finishing.  The young age of our lamb, coupled with their low stress environment and high quality, 100% vegetarian diet, ensure that all Niman Ranch lamb has a mellow flavor that’s never gamy.

  • Raised on seasonal grasses
  • Never given antibiotics or added hormones - ever!
  • Fed a 100% vegetarian diet
  • Young lamb produce a mild flavor

Catelli Brothers Fresh American Lamb & Veal

Consistent Quality

Catelli Brothers takes pride in fulfilling  our pledge to every customer — from the individual consumer to the corner  butcher to restaurants, food service operators, and supermarkets across the  nation — by always providing the highest quality all natural USDA choice veal  and all natural USDA choice fresh American lamb, along with other superior quality  domestic and imported meats.  Oxford Trading Company, Is ready to take your order for Catelli Lamb & Veal, primal or case ready cry-o-vac or tray pack packaging.   







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