Game Meats

True to our pioneering spirit, Oxford Trading Company offers a full line of game and exotic meats, helping your customers to create a product profile as unique as the world we live in.


Bison/Buffalo Fresh Primals & Retail Readybuffalo

In addition to fresh primals, our premier line of retail-ready buffalo products from Great Range include our best-selling ground brick, steak medallions, portion cut steaks, hot dogs, and frozen patties.


Retail Pack Game Sausagesgame sausage

Oxford Trading is proud to offer quality game sausage from Chateau Royal, in unique and exotic flavor combinations including venison with blueberries and wine, wild boar with cranberries and smoked duck with apple brandy. Additional flavors include wild boar, rabbit, pheasant and lamb merguez.


Venison and Wild Boarvenison

The delectable taste of venison is taken to new heights of quality and flavor with the Cervena brand from New Zealand, in both specialty cuts and retail ready packages. For demanding gourmets we offer wild boar in a variety of cuts including frenched racks, hind legs and brt shoulders.


Duck and Game Birds

duck breastFrom the wilds of Canda comes the world's premier peking duck from Brome Lake. We are pleased to offer fresh tray packed breast, leg & thigh and whole body ducks. In addition to duck, be sure to sample our other game birds including pheasant, quail, squab, partridge and


De Bruin Rabbit

We are the premier purveyor of rabbit meat that provides a flavor of culinary excellence and offers a healthy eating experience for discerning consumers

Iowa Rabbit LLC.
Our mission:

  • Raise and Procure Rabbits, that are desired by chefs, retailers and consumers. 
  • Process Rabbits that will meet the ultimate standards of quality.
  • Market and distribute Rabbit meat in an efficient manner that will delight our customers.

A versatile white meat for today's health conscious lifestyle, rabbit is all natural, tender and flavorful, and is offered whole, cut-up track pack, and bone-in legs.


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