Case Ready Meats

At Oxford Trading we understand the importance of convenience. This is why we feature a full line of beef, chicken and turkey products ready for your meat case.


Laura's Lean Beef

Lauras Lean

Oxford Trading Company, is now home to the complete line of high quality, heart healthy products from Laura's Lean Beef including 92% lean ground beef, as well as fresh and frozen beef patties and portion cut steaks in convenient case ready packaging.


 Dakota Organic Beef

At Dakota Organic Beef they offer the purest, most flavorful organic beef around. The evidence can be found in their line of case ready organic beef portion cut steaks, in both choice and select. Packaged, 8 per box, cuts include top sirloin, tenderloin ribeye and strip steaks.

Great Range Bison

Great Range Brand Bison is produced and distributed by Rocky Mountain Natural Meats. Rocky Mountain Natural Meats started in 1986 as a small meat distributor devoted solely to bison. From the beginning, our focus was to provide high quality bison meat and great service to grocers, distributors and restaurants nationwide. An in-house grading system was developed to guarantee premium quality and consistency to the end user - this became the Great Range Bison brand. Carcass characteristics such as fat color, fat cover, muscle color, ossification and weight are the major factors in determining if the product receives the Great Range Bison brand. By working closely with our producers and assisting them with ration formulation, our quality control begins at the source.


Springer Mountain Farms Chicken

At Springer Mountain Farms, we know family and we know great tasting chicken. As a family owned business located in the beautiful mountains of Northeast Georgia, our goal is to provide you and your family with the healthiest, best tasting chicken on the market today. We are proud of the fact that we do not buy our eggs or chickens from other countries, but raise them right here where we know what our chickens are fed and how they are raised. Families with up to three generations of experience raise our chickens in these pristine mountains. Cool summers and mild winters provide ideal conditions for Springer Mountain Farms chickens. While Mother Nature provides fresh mountain water and wholesome feed ingredients, our farmers provide the necessary care to produce the finest chicken possible.


Plainville Farms Turkey










Plainville Farms®

is the Uncommon poultry brand that you can count on to taste great on every occasion because we care about how our turkeys are raised, consistent with our commitment to quality and transparency. Our Earthwise® Seal is your assurance of our standards on every Plainville Farms® brand product.







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