A selection of products second to none!

At Oxford Trading Company, we may be known best as the worlds first distributor of Certified Angus beef®, however that is simply the beginning to a long list of items we have available to offer you and your customers.

Beef is our main stay, Certified Angus Beef®, All-Natural Beef, Organic and Grass Fed Beef.

In addition, we boast chicken and turkey programs second to none. You can trust that your pork, lamb and veal needs will be met as well.

We pride ourselves on being the largest distributor of buffalo on the Northeast, in addition to being a pioneer in the distribution of game meats and birds.

Value added products and deli meats also play an important role in what Oxford Trading has to offer. From dinner sausage, hams, bacons and heat and serve entrees, to deli sliced packaged meats, cheeses and hot dogs.